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FBD Readers Name Elin ‘Tiger’s Hottest Tail’

To hear the votes from the readers of Fantasy Baseball Dugout tell the story, Tiger lost a great thing when he was chasing other tails.

While most of the media obsesses over whether or not the world’s greatest golfer has admitted himself into rehab for sex addiction, your buddies at FBD wanted to find out who you thought Tiger’s greatest victory was in the bedsheets.

Shameless, you say? Yeah, maybe a little. Interesting? Sure.

A topic you know you and your buddies have talked about at the bar, the gym, or the watercooler on more than one occasion since Thanksgiving? Definitely.

Whether they were sympathetic votes or not, FBD readers believe that estranged wife Elin is Tiger’s Hottest Tail.

Typically we provide answers to our readers for questions about winning fantasy baseball leagues or settling debates over the hottest baseball wives. When Tiger’s indiscretions became public, we decided we needed to let you guys help us figure out who the hottest mistress actually was.

Over the course of the last 30+ days, FBD readers logged almost 900 votes for Tiger’s Hottest Tail through our PollDaddy booth online and via text message thanks to Elin acquired 22% of the vote from FBD readers, easily outpacing her competition. Rachel Uchitel was the runner-up (14%), but didn’t really come close to matching Elin.

Check out the final voting totals below, followed by a some of our favorite photos of Tiger’s Hottest Tail – the soon-to-be former Mrs. Woods.

  1. Elin Nordegren 22%
  2. Rachel Uchitel 16%
  3. Holly Sampson 9%
  4. Jamie Jungers 8% (69 votes)
  5. Joslyn James 8% (64)
  6. Loredana Jolie 8% (63)
  7. Jamie Grubbs 6%
  8. Julie Postle and Theresa Rodgers (tie) 5%
  9. Kalika Moquin 5% (41)
  10. Cory Rist 5% (38)
  11. Mindy Lawton 3%

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