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FBD Readers Know Best

The New York Daily News reports that Rachel Uchitel, the first of Tiger

Rachel Uchitel -- Tigers Hottest (Available) Tail

Rachel Uchitel -- Tiger's Hottest (Available) Tail

Woods’ mistresses to be discovered, has been living with the Tiger on his yacht Privacy in Palm Beach, Florida.  Tiger was also reportedly seen holding hands with Uchitel at a party in front of 300 people at a private mansion in Palm Beach.

So much for taking time out to become a better husband and father.

Tiger’s decision to hole up with Uchitel shows that Fantasy Baseball Dugout readers are once again on par with the greatest golfer of all-time.  In FBD’s Vote for Tiger’s Hottest Tail competition, wife Elin Nordegren is in first place with 20% of the vote, but Uchitel is on Elin’s thonged ass in second place with 14% of the vote.

And, since Tiger obviously is in no position to be driving his woods with Elin right now, he’s obviously listened to FBD readers and trapped the next best thing–Uchitel.

There’s still time to vote for Tiger’s Hottest Tail.  Take a look at the pictures of Tiger’s girls and place your vote now.

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