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1953 Mantle: “I Had that Card”

1953 Topps Mickey Mantle

1953 Topps Mickey Mantle

If you are a fantasy baseball fan, chances are that you have a baseball card collection of some kind.  It may not be the same baseball card collection that you once had, because when you went to college, your mom might  have tossed them out to make room for her ceramics or something.  That’s why you hear so many people look at a 1952 Mantle card and say: “I used to have this card.”

How much is your card collection worth?  That’s hard to say.  A lot of the actual value for your baseball card collection depends on the psa grading of the cards.  A psa grading of a baseball card is essentially an analysis of its condition.  the value of a baseball card is much like the value of real estate.  When it comes to baseball card values, it’s all about condition, condition, condition.

It’s all about condition when you are considering the value of a 1953 Mantle baseball card, for example.  That card could be worth thousands if its in mint condition or not much more than a nice dinner if it is battered and torn.

Why do Mickey Mantle cards carry such value?  There certainly were other players of his era like Mays, Aaron, Kaline, Killebrew, and Robinson that were  just as good as Mickey, but let’s face it: Mantle played in New York City!  And, like it or not, playing in New York will always enhance your value.

Just ask A-Rod.

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