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2010 Hottest Baseball Wife Nominee: Shanda Lee Munson

shanda lee munsonFriend of Fantasy Baseball Dugout Dave Skipper (if that’s his real name) dropped us a line yesterday telling us that we need to add Shanda Lee Munson into our group of hottest baseball wives nominated for the vote in 2010.

Shanda is a model and actress who has had roles in Remember The Titans and Road Trip. More recently, she had a role in the film Maneater. Next year, Shanda can be seen starring in the film Sacrifice, which is currently in post production.

A preview of Sacrifice, from IMDB:

The story of choices. Woven into the story are the impact of the choices we make, be they 500 years ago or today. the story follows the discovery of a potential weapon of mass destruction in southern Arizona, and the pursuit of answers by a young couple and the military. What they find is a threat that is (literally and figuratively) larger than all of them as they set loose a giant monster, which subsequently seeks to destroy civilization as we know it.

Shanda is married to Eric Munson, a first baseman turned catcher who was the no. 3 overall draft pick in 2000 by the Tigers. Munson broke into the big leagues in July of 2000 with the Tigers and became a full-time big leaguer in 2003. He played 109 games in ’04 and hit .212 with 19 homeruns, 49 RBI, 36 runs, and a steal.

Since 2004, he’s played a total of 115 games and suited up for the Rays, Astros, and A’s. If he can stay healthy and unseat Kurt Suzuki for the starting backstop spot in Oakland, Munson may be a fantasy baseball sleeper at the catcher position in 2010.

Right now, he probably shouldn’t be on anyone’s radar for fantasy baseball, however.

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