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2009 Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirls Photos

Last year, Fantasy Baseball Dugout unveiled some great photos of the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirls. And because we live in a world where everything revolves around us, we fully believe that our publishing of the ballgirls photos inspired the team to win the World Series.

As the 2009 World Series gets underway tonight, we figured we should do our best to give the Phillies some good karma again this year and publish photos of the 2009 squad. In defense of the Yankees, we tried to get photos of their ballgirls, as well. However, the only leads I got for active Yankees ballgirls were centerfielder Melky Cabrera, the local Bronx streetwalkers, and A-Rod.

Props go out to Debbie Fischer, a veteran of the Phillies ballgirl squad and one of the bloggers on the girls’ Pro MLBlog Down The Line. She hooked us up with some great pics of last year’s ballgirl squad and was nice enough to send us pics again this year.

Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirls 2009
Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirls 2009

2009 Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirls

The Phillies Ballgirls are a team of 19 softball starlets who chase down foul balls during home games and take part in charity events throughout the year. They are available for special appearances, but likely have no interest in being at your buddy’s upcoming bachelor party.

2009 Phillies Ballgirls


Phillies Ballgirls 2009

For more information on the Ballgirls, check out their official homeplate on the Phillies website.

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