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Caught Looking

Steve Phillips, the analysts on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight and former GM of the New YorkBrooke Hundley with Steve Phillips Mets, has been called out.

Phillips was having a torrid affair with 22-year-old production assistant Brooke Hundley (pictured).  According to Hundley, the couple had been involved in sexually heated conversations and sexting.  After Phillips refused to come clean about the affair with wife Marni, Hundley (great baseball name) sent this letter to Mrs. Phillips.  Sounds like a bunny boiler to me.

Marni Phillips has filed for divorce.

This isn’t the first time that Steve Phillips has been caught with his pants down, although it’s obvious to see from the photo how it was difficult for him to control himself.  As the Mets GM in 1998, Phillips admitted having sex with an employee who later sued the Mets and Phillips for sexual harassment.  Phillips kept his job with the Mets after having spent a short time in treatment for a sexual addiction.  Phillips later admitted to having several affairs while with the team.  (Perhaps, if Phillips was in the NBA, nobody would notice?) He was fired by the Mets in 2003.

Both Phillips and Hundley have been fired by ESPN.

Oh well, on to the World Series.

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