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Fantasy Baseball as Western Zen

Baseball as therapy from the daily grind or life’s challenges. As a pastime baseball has Is this heaven?  No it's Iowa.mountains of statistics to ponder, miles of ‘what if’ scenarios and the warm glow of summer all year long. What better escape is there to use than fantasy baseball?

Each and every opinion on Baseball could be the right one. From the subtle details of how to hit a ball to comparisons of old time natural players vs modern technically analyzed players. Each of us can be right at any given moment. Even when we are wrong, its obvious to find the little tidbit that was left out of the equation.

Fantasy baseball, and its history, is a prime example of how we can take seemingly mindless data and develop an entire industry around a former farmers pastime.

Therapy indeed. A direct distraction from the doldrums of what occupies your time to pay your bills. Drift away from the tugs of daily life. In other parts of the world people sit and ponder emptiness, this is called meditation. Sitting quietly, blocking out the distractions of the world and focusing on the self.

Or follow the path of the true fans from colorful places like Boston and Philadelphia and go find someone to get into a heated, vein popping, eye bulging, spit flailing ‘discussion’ on the finer points of the game, player or moment in history.

As westerner’s bombarded with images, data, noise and more noise from the moment we wake up till sleep finally falls upon us; emptiness is hard to grasp. But the focus of meditation is not confined to the self and emptiness. The simple effort of focusing on something other than what life presents to us threw out the day is just as beneficial.

Baseball has all the right stuff to meditate about. Warm days, green grass, sun filled sky, the calm of lackluster play and the rush of a great play, well hit ball or the tension of bases loaded with no outs. Baseball memories tend to improve over time with thoughts bringing up those feelings of well being.

The northern states have the fall and winter seasons where all there is to baseball are the memories and the statistics. Last year, Washington State recorded some 90+ straight days of rain. Biologically, we need sunlight to create vitamin D. Baseball with its fullness of detail is almost a necessity for those deprived of sunlight and constant exposure to dreary weather.

So there you have it, Fantasy Baseball as Western Zen. Relief and release to be called upon at will.

About the Author:
Mr. Dowdy works for Hirsch Group.  Visit Hirsch Group LLC for more news/tips/articles on the subjects of baseball, construction, building codes or check out the Hirsch Group Official Blog for what is going on now.

BallparkBob’s notes — I have no idea what Western Zen is, but I think Mr. Dowdy loves baseball just like I do.

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