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Baseball Player Look Alikes Part Du

Cole HamelsAt tonight’s Phillies game, as I was watching Cliff Lee mow down the hapless Washington Nationals, it occurred to me that Phillies’ third baseman Pedro Feliz looks a lot like Chris Rock (I wish I could find the picture of Feliz that they put on the Jumbotron).  Of course, I’ve always thought that Cole Hamels looks like Jim Carrey (yes, I know ladies: Cole is A LOT hotter as evidenced by his second place finish in Baseball’s Hottest Looking Players).

Last year, we did a very popular story on Baseball Look Alikes so I figured we’d try it again this season.  After all, most of the best ideas were stolen from an earlier time.

Baseball Look Alikes 2009

Pedro Feliz and Chris Rock

Chris Rock

Pedro Feliz









Johnny Damon and Geico Caveman

Geico Caveman

Johnny Damon


Derek Jeter and The Rock

Derek JeterThe Rock


Brad Penny and Larry the Cable Guy

Brad PennyLarry the Cable Guy


Cole Hamels and Jim Carrey

Cole Hamels

Jim Carrey 

The Hall of Famers of Baseball Look Alikes

Carl Hubbell and Kramer

Carl HubbellKramer












Ty Cobb and Eminem

Ty CobbEminem











See more baseball look alikes with our Baseball Look Alikes 2008.

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