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Hate The Cubs A Little Less By Visiting

Jordana Spiro fantasy baseballAt Fantasy Baseball Dugout, BeeZee has a strange love/hate relationship with Chicago baseball. BeeZee grew up a Frank Thomas fan and rooted for (still kinda does root for) the Southsiders. He’s had the same Chicago White Sox ballcap since 1995 (and still wears it). And he’s one of the only people that actually watched the 2005 World Series live.

Oh… and he watches ‘My Boys’ and likes it, too. That Jordana Spiro is one sexy talented actress.

There’s also a lot of things to hate about Chicago baseball. BeeZee’s particular brand of hatred for Chicago baseball pretty much starts and ends with Sammy Sosa, his corked bat, and his obvious steroid use. Although Alfonso Soriano was a major letdown in fantasy baseball this season, BeeZee still doesn’t hate him. Just Sosa.

Despite this love/hate relationship, BeeZee still is very interested in catching an afternoon ball game at Wrigley Field. Whether or not the stadium will ever host a winner ever again, its still one of baseball’s cathedrals and one of the best places to see a game.

When the time comes that BeeZee will finally get to make a trip to the City of Wind and catch a game at Wrigley, he’s going to use to plan his trip. The site is a one-stop place for everything related to Wrigley. The site has a bar guide for those of you who don’t want to go to Murphy’s Bleachers. The site also has deals and rooftop information for those who can’t get tickets into Wrigley.

They want you to think of them as a Cubs fan with benefits (kinda like we think of Jordana Spiro).

So yeah, the Cubs aren’t in it again this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for your next trip to Wrigley. Check out the next time you’re thinkin’ about taking a baseball sabbatical to Chicago.

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