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Have Baseball Celebrations Gone Too Far?

Prince Fielder

If you watched SportsCenter or MLB Network last Sunday night, you saw the celebration by the Milwaukee Brewers after the walk off homerun by Prince Fielder.

There was a time when you couldn’t even stop and watch your home run fly out of the park for fear of retaliation by the pitcher. That was known as showing up the pitcher.

Today, it appears as though you can do the Brewers’ bowling pin celebration and it’s ok.

After all, it’s not just the Brewers. The Yankees have had a lot of practice celebrating game-ending homeruns this season; they’ve done it 13 times! The new celebration in The Bronx is for the game-ending homerun hitter to toss his helmet in the air at home plate and have his teammates fight for it like a bunch of hard-up bridesmaids at a wedding.

In San Diego, the Padres have thrown the helmet of the homerun hero on the plate and then had the teammates explode away from home plate.

“What he did isn’t acceptable,” said 12-year veteran Bobby Howry who pitched an inning in the Giants loss to the Brewers on Sunday. “It won’t be forgotten, I guarantee you.”

Added coach Carney Lansford: “It’s embarassing for the Milwaukee Brewers.”

Not so said Brewers’ reliever David Weathers who has pitched for 19 years in the Bigs. “We’re just trying to have some fun. It’s not disrespect for the other team.”

BallparkBob has bounced back and forth on this issue. When it comes to baseball, I like to think that I’m old school and at first, I was appalled when I saw the Brewers’ antics. But, then I began to think about it more. Wasn’t I also the guy who called the NFL the “No Fun League” when it began penalizing end zone celebrations.

What’s the difference? I played baseball and the only football I ever played involved a nerf ball. So, I guess in one instance, I relate to the players and in the other instance, I relate as a fan.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I want a front row seat the next time the Giants and Brewers play. OK, I won’t have a front row seat, but I’ll sure have my MLB package on and will be watching from the couch.

What do you think baseball fans? Fantasy Baseball Dugout wants to know. Leave us a comment.

Bill Mazeroski, 1960 World Series

What would Mazeroski have done today?

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