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2009 Fantasy Baseball Playoff Tips

Garrett Jones fantasy baseball tipsHappy Labor Day!

If you’re reading this post – it would seem you have made it to the playoff rounds of your fantasy baseball league. Congrats!

Since we gave you 50 tips to win your league back in March, we thought it would be polite to give you some analysis on how to win your playoffs in September.

Below are 10 tips we have found valuable to winning in fantasy baseball playoffs. Because every good fantasy baseball player knows how you start is irrelevant. Its where you finish.

Good luck in the playoffs.

  1. Every head-to-head league with playoffs has category tiebreakers (most of which use ERA). Check your league settings to be sure (some use batting average).
  2. Cut ties with players on your disabled list unless they are big names close to returning. Dice-K, Jake Peavy, Carlos Beltran, and Corey Hart are all likely to return in the next week, so hang on to them if you can.
  3. Two-start pitchers are more important than ever during fantasy baseball playoffs. Add at least one each week as your team advances through the playoff rounds.
  4. Up against a GM who pitcher streams? Play the player – add probable pitchers to your roster 48 hours ahead.
  5. If you only have two closers – add a third. Got three? Consider adding a fourth. Matt Lindstrom is one reliever who might steal some saves down the stretch.
  6. Stack your lineup in roto leagues when you reach your pitcher maximum. All pitchers active on the day a maximum is reached accumulate stats.
  7. Drop any starting pitcher after they make their final regular season start and replace them with the best probable starter.
  8. Championship rounds often last 10 days. Don’t forget to set your championship round roster into the “next week.”
  9. Rookie pitchers in the National League are definitely worth a flier because teams have no scouting report and they can contribute one or two dominant performances.
  10. Add a player who is multi-position eligible to your bench. They can be beneficial on travel days like Monday and Thursday when you need extra at-bats, or to replace injured hitters like Adam Jones or Grady Sizemore who won’t make it back this season. Players to watch available in around 50% or more of leagues:
    1. Chris Coughlan (2B/OF eligible), Florida Marlins. Hiting .393 with 24 runs in the last 30 days
    2. Clint Barmes (2B/3B/SS), Colorado Rockies. 8 homeruns in the last month.
    3. Garrett Jones (1B/OF), Pittsburgh Pirates. 30-day 5×5 line – .337/6/17/15/4.
    4. Carlos Guillen (1B/3B/OF), Detroit Tigers. 7 homeruns and 18 RBI last 30 days.

PS – Please send any playoff royalties you feel we are due to webmaster [at] fantasybaseballdugout [dot] com. Thanks!

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