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Vin Scully is Baseball’s Chattiest Announcer

Dodgers announcerVin Scully is in a class by himself.

Anybody who has followed baseball for a while knows this. Certainly, anybody who has the MLB package probably finds themselves watching the Dodgers in late night games more than any other. Sure, the Dodgers are an interesting team with James Loney and Manny Ramirez and all, but you watch the Dodgers because of Vin Scully.

According to a study by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ has suddenly taken an interest in sports to sell newspapers since the stock market sucks so bad), Vin Scully is the chattiest announcer in MLB.

Scully aid an average 143.51 words per minute. Heck, even your mother-in-law can’t talk that much! Scully bested Dan McLaughlin of the Cardinals by 34 words per minute. In fact, Scully says almost 3 times as many words as last place Duane Kuiper of the Giants who must take bathroom breaks during the game. Kuiper chirps only 55.44 words per minute.

Not only does Scully talk a lot, but he saves the Dodgers on salary so they can rent players like Jim Thome for a month as a pinch hitter. Scully is the only announcer who does not have a companion in the booth.

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