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Rain Outs

Today’s post has nothing at all to do with fantasy baseball and for that I apologize.  But, as Baseball Rainouts Rule Stinksan avid baseball fan, I just can’t take it any more with rainouts in baseball and since this is my only place to vent, I’m doing it here on Fantasy Baseball Dugout.

Baseball is a (near) perfect game and that’s why it is the greatest game in the world.  Sure, there’s some dumb things about it like the foul poles should really be called fair poles, but it’s far more perfect than football or soccer.

But, having a baseball game be complete without actually completing the game is just wrong.  What other sport does this?  If a game can’t go 9 innings, it should be continued the next time the two teams play.  There should never be an abbreviated baseball game that is official, yet not played to completion.

Of course, the rules state otherwise.  Play five innings and it’s a complete game.  Unless, you are Bud “Weasel” Selig and you make up the rules as you go.

Now, let’s talk about rain delays.  Here’s my proposal.  The home team can only delay a Shane Victorino, fantasy baseball outfieldergame for 90 minutes, unless it’s the final day of the season that the two teams are playing.  If there are cumulative delays totaling 90 minutes, it’s over.  Fans go home.  It’s simply not fair to the fans to let them hang around the stadium waiting for the rain to stop.

Now, I know this one will never get approved, because those fans hanging out at the stadium are drinking beer, eating hot dogs, and buying those foam fingers which have to be the dumbest promotional item in a ballpark.

By the way, the official Shane Victorino foam finger is actually a “hang loose.”  Now, that one I just might buy during a four hour rain delay…if I drank enough beer.

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