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You Can Keep DirecTV Even When You Move

Last summer, when my family moved across the state, we didn’t want to lose our Directv. We quite enjoyed the vast array of sports and movie channels Directv provides, and didn’t see any reason to lose out on watching the best football coverage just because we moved.

Luckily, Direct TV has a great program for people that move. They install your dish at no cost to you (assuming you were already a subscriber). Also, depending on your length of time as a customer, there might also be additional perks if you rejoin their satellite TV service – like a yearlong subscription to a movie channel or an upgrade in hardware.

I am totally digging Direct TV this year, especially with football season on the way. NFL Sunday Ticket will be broadcast in HD all year, and every game, every week will be available in HD. Sunday Ticket subscribers who upgrade to need the SuperFan package used to only get 12 games. This year, Direct TV in Texas isn’t the only place where NFL Sunday Ticket will be BIGGER – it’s everywhere!

The way they accomodate movers and the excitement of the exclusivity of NFL Sunday Ticket are just two of the reasons why I have been a Direct TV subscriber for over 2 years.  The experience as a DTV subscriber has always been well worth it.

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