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Baseball’s LeBron

Bryce Harper, SIHe’s been on the cover of Sports Illustrated and he’s never had an at bat in professional baseball.

Or, college baseball for that matter.

He’s hit the longest homerun ever (570 feet) at Tropicana Field.

He throws 96 MPH and plays catcher, shortstop, and pitcher.

Some scouts have said that Harper would have been a top three draft pick in the 2009 draft.

This is not Sidd Finch.  This is Bryce Harper — a rising junior at Las Vegas High School who won’t graduate from HIGH SCHOOL until 2011.  He’s just turned 16-years-old!

Labeled “Baseball’s Chosen One” on the June 8 cover of Sports Illustrated, Harper, a 6-3 catcher who can also pitch in the 90s, hit .626 with 14 home runs and 55 RBI this season for Las Vegas High School. Harper’s versatility and wide-ranging physical ability also manifested itself on the basepaths where he stole 36 bases.

Harper Hopes to Graduate in 2010

Harper is hoping to make himself eligible for the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft by Bryce Harper, Cooperstown Dreams Parkcompleting his GED so he can come out early.  If that happens, and the Washington Nationals have the first pick in the draft, Harper just might follow Stephen Strasburg as the two most highly regarded youth baseball players ever.  Strasburg, yet unsigned by the Nationals and agent Scott Boras, has until August 17 to sign or be tossed back into the draft for next season.

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated says he’s “more advanced than A-Rod or Junior at his age.”  No doubt.  Take a look for yourself thanks to our friends over at Skill Show.

Bryce Harper is “more advanced than A-Rod or Junior at his age.”

This is the video of Bryce Harper from the 2008 Perfect Game AFLAC Showcase when he was just a 15-year-old.

Bryce Harper — 2010 Fantasy Baseball Draft Sleeper

So, if Bryce Harper is more advanced than Junior at the same age, should you consider Sidd Finchadding Harper to your 2010 fantasy baseball draft list?  Maybe.  Junior joined the Mariners at age 19 and Harper would be 17 when he is eligible for the MLB draft.  If you figure he starts playing in the MLB at age 18, you’d only have to have Harper sitting on the pine for one fantasy baseball season.

After all, this is no Sidd Finch.

Harper doesn’t even play the french horn.

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