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KHITS 96 Gives Heidi DeRosa Early Lead In Hottest Wives Contest

Khits96 logo2008 Hottest Wife In Baseball Winner Heidi DeRosa is the early leader in the 2009 Hottest Wives contest thanks to the support of St. Louis radio station KHITS 96.

Heidi DeRosa Hot Baseball WifeDJ “Captain Carl” Middleman stumbled across our contest at the beginning of last week and was kind enough to tell KHITS listeners about it on his “BLARRRG.” Give the guy a little “clicky” to show him a little appreciation. Thanks Carl.

Have you voted for your favorite hott wife of 2009 yet? There’s still a little over 3 weeks left to rally votes for your favorite, but DeRosa is off to a commanding lead thanks to the listeners of KHITS. Hottest Wives of New York Karen Burnett and Jordan Schneider are neck in neck for 2nd place, despite being far behind DeRosa. Hott Wife of Chicago Lisa Dergan-Podsednik is next in line.

Remember, to vote for your favorite hott wife of 2009… click her name in the poll booth on the right or find her voting code number and text HOTT(space)(number) to 84444.

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