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More Reasons To Get NFL Sunday Ticket

Eli Manning NFL Sunday TicketSometimes there is a regional NFL game that you want to watch that isn’t broadcast nationally. This is especially true for fans of teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Green Bay Packers.

That said, no matter what team you like, they don’t normally have national coverage every weekend of the NFL season. To help make sure you can watch your team every week, no matter where they are playing, you should definitely get your hands on NFL Sunday Ticket.

This season, the full schedule each week will be broadcast in HD. Sunday Ticket subscribers who upgrade to need the SuperFan package used to only get 12 games. This year, every game, every week on the NFL Sunday Ticket schedule will be available in HD. If you get Sunday Ticket, you gotta get SuperFan.

When you count all of these features – plus the chance to see Eli Manning throw a couple left handed passes to Brandon Jacobs every week – the NFL Sunday Ticket price is well worth it.

Look, if you don’t have DirecTV, you can’t get Sunday Ticket. In the US, Sunday Ticket is an exclusive package from DirecTV. Their contract is through 2014, so cable subscribers are going to have to wait at least five more years if they hope for a chance to get some type of Sunday Ticket package without subscribing to DirecTV.

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