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Prep For Fantasy Football. Buy NFL Sunday Ticket.

Peyton Manning NFL Sunday TicketFantasy football is quickly approaching. Are you prepared for the fall weekends? Do you have your TVs and satellites lined up for watching 17 weeks of NFL action?

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At Fantasy Baseball Dugout, we are big fans of watching the pro football on NFL Sunday Ticket. Maybe its because we have a crazy fascination with Peyton Manning and his mug shows up in every commercial. Maybe its because we can watch every NFL game with the flip of the remote.

My wife is a Steelers fan. My brother loves the Redskins. I punish myself by rooting for the Detroit Lions. With DirecTV, the NFL Sunday Ticket schedule makes it easy for all of us to watch our favorite teams each weekend.

NFL Sunday Ticket also makes it easy to track all of your fantasy players each week. One of the friends of FBD has Sunday Ticket, and he literally jumps game to game watching his players. Luckily, the NFL Sunday Ticket price is pretty affordable (at least when you compare it to the some $500 the average fantasy player spends on fantasy sports).

While we are a fantasy baseball blog, the next few weeks we’re going to give you some tips on the best places to play fantasy football. Hopefully you take our advice. We also hope you get DirecTV and have NFL Sunday Ticket. Sunday Ticket makes it a lot easier to track your players than waiting for the bottom lines on FOX and CBS to update your player’s stats.

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