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Baseball’s Hottest Wives Nominee: Emily Kuchar

Zack Greinke's fianceeEmily Kuchar is not officially the wife of Kansas City Royals’ ace Zack Greinke, but it’s close enough so we’re going to allow her nomination to the 2009 Fantasy Baseball Dugout Baseball’s Hottest Wives contest.

Emily was Miss Daytona Beach 2008.  At age 18, just out of high school at Apopka High in Florida, Emily traveled to Dallas and won a spot on the famed Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  Emily was a Cowboys’ cheerleader for two years and was named to the 12-girl touring squad that traveled the world to visit the troops on behalf of the USO.  She was also part of the famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders calendar as Miss March, 2005.

Emily has been a dancer all her life which was probably part of the reason that she was able to make the Cowboys Cheerleaders at such a young age.  She has also appeared in a Burger King commercial.

Emily Kuchar — Tale of the TapeEmily Kuchar

Height – 5′ 7″
Weight – 110 (confirmed)
Hair – (duh) blonde
Born – Daytona Beach, Florida
High School – Apopka High
College – Central Florida
Awards – Miss Daytona Beach, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.
Appearances – The View, Today Show, Larry King Live, ESPN’s 25th Anniversary Show.
Aspiration – cover of Sports Illustrated
Turn Ons – Zack Greinke
Turn Offs – Philadelphia Eagles
Web Site –  Emily Kuchar Web Site

Emily Kuchar &  Zack Greinke: How They MetEmily Kuchar, Zack Greinke's wife

Don’t think high school romances last?  Consider again.  Emily and Zack met 7 1/2 years ago at baseball powerhouse high school Apopka High in Florida.

“I was a library assistant and all of a sudden, Zack started needing to more homework in the library when I was in there,” said Emily.  “So that is where it all began.”

Seems like it was a good investment for both of them.  Zack got a smoking hot wife who helped him get out of his funk during the 2006 season when he was diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder.

Emily got a husband with a $2.475 million signing bonus in 2002 and a recently signed 4-year $38 million deal.

And, they are both still 25-years-old!

Emily Kuchar & Zack Greinke: The Wedding DateZack Greinke's wife

When first asked about the wedding date, Greinke replied “this offseason.”  That was until Emily booked October 10 as the date (not even Emily had hopes of a Royals’ post-season appearance).

“You know how much trouble I could get into if you do that,” said Greinke.  “Please push it back.”

So, like a good wife, Emily agreed to the wedding date as November 21, 2009.

If it’s like most marriages, that’s the last thing Zack will win on.

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