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Juan Pierre “The Invisible Man”

Juan Pierre, Dodgers fantasy bench warmerNow that Manny Ramirez is back in the Dodgers’ lineup, Juan Pierre has once again become The Invisible Man.

I didn’t say it.  The legendary Vin Scully said it last night after Ramirez went 0 for 3 at Petco Park and was then replaced by Pierre for defensive purposes.

“[David] Eckstein goes out and calls it. That will be that. Manny goes 0 for 3.”

“There was the song, oh, gosh, a million years ago, Mr. Cellophane. The man was singing this woeful song. Nobody was aware of him, like he wasn’t there. He was the invisible man. Juan Pierre said ‘I am the invisible man.’ Well, he is very visible right now.”

Pierre Deserves to be All-Star

Manny Ramirez, fantasy baseball starterOrlando Hudson said Juan Pierre should be an all-star.  So did Matt Kemp.

Pierre was Ramirez’s stand-in over the Dodgers’ last 50 games, batting .317, scoring 31 runs and stealing 21 bases.

Unfortunately for Pierre, however, he’s now back where he started the season–as a Dodgers’ bench warmer.  Joe Torre, however, can’t bury him on the bench now after what he’s done.  He’ll likely get a couple of starts a week as a rest for the 37-year-old Ramirez or for an occasional day off during those hot southern California days for Andre Ethier and Kemp.

Hudson to Increase Fantasy Numbers

Who will benefit the most from Ramirez’s return?  Orlando Hudson.  Andre Ethier batted second in the lineup in front of Ramirez last year after Manny was acquired from Boston.  Ethier was the best hitter in baseball in September when he hit .462.  Expect the same opportunity for Hudson.  Hudson is .289/5/41/6 this season; Orlando Hudson’s numbers should improve with Manny now entrenched behind him.

As for Manny Ramirez, you don’t need to know much about baseball to know that he’s a must start on any fantasy baseball team.  He puts up monster numbers year in and year out.  It’s been a big week for Manny.  Earlier this week, spurred by those women who love “bad boys,”  Ramirez was named to the Fantasy Baseball Dugout Baseball’s Hottest (Looking) Players team.

Pierre will be on the pine on most nights, and that’s why Pierre is no longer a fantasy baseball league starter for you. You don’t need Joe Torre to tell you the Dodgers’ best outfield is Ramirez in left, 24-year-old Matt Kemp (.302, 10 homers, 41 RBI and 19 steals) in center and 27-year-old Andre Ethier (.257, 15 homers, 52 RBI, .832 OPS) in right.

Pierre will be The Invisible Man five nights per week.

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