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2009 Midseason Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Infield

Albert Pujols fantasy baseball

It’s amazing that despite all the changes that have gone on during the first half of the fantasy baseball season (Zach Greinke’s emergence, Raul Ibanez’s slugging prowess) that so many things continue to remain the same.

Take Albert Pujols, for example.

2008 FBD MVP. 2009 No. 1 rated fantasy baseball player.

And now, No. 1 overall player for midseason fantasy baseball.

It’s not like Pujols doesn’t deserve it. The guy is batting .320 on the year with 23 homeruns, 58 RBI, 52 runs scored and 9 steals. His career high for steals was 16 in 2005, and it looks like he could easily eclipse that number this season. A 20-20 year for Pujols? Yeah, because the guy really needs to give you one more reason to draft him!

His trade value is also likely the highest in fantasy baseball. According to transaction data from CBS Sports, Pujols has only been traded in 1-for-1 deals twice in the last week for players like Yunel Escobar and Gordon Beckham. While we like the potential of both of these guys, I gotta say – those trades seem a bit fishy to me!

The last couple weeks, we’ve been looking over player stats for the season’s first two months. We looked back over our fantasy baseball rankings from the preseason and freshened them up. We are proud to release the first wave of our 2009 midseason fantasy baseball rankings – the infielders.

To get an idea of who we think will be the fantasy baseball superstars of the next half season, check out rankings of the top 25 players at each infield position:

What could our midseason fantasy baseball rankings possibly be useful for?

  • Midseason trade analysis.
  • Midseason league drafts.
  • Vindication for the draft pick your friends thought was crazy in March.

Midseason outfielder rankings and midseason pitcher rankings are still on the way. Look for them next week.

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