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Why I Kept DirecTV Even After I Moved

MLB Network DirectvI don’t break the life/blog wall all that often, but I felt compelled to hop on the blog this morning and chat a little bit about why I avoided switching my television service to Comcast this past November when my family moved from Western PA to Central PA.

Where we lived in Western PA, a very mountainous area in the Laurel Highlands, my family had no other option but satellite TV service. Therefore, we were forced to switch from Comcast to DirecTV. Even Dish Network wasn’t available to us in the townhouse community we lived in.

I fell in love with DirecTV’s customer service during my time in Western PA as a customer. And with all the controversy between Comcast, the NFL Network, and the Big Ten Network, I also enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to miss any of the latest sports coverage.

Then, I learned Direct TV was getting the MLB Network.

As a baseball fan and fantasy baseball junkie, learning that DirecTV was going to be an exclusive provider of the MLB Network made it clear that there was no other choice for me – it had to be DirecTV.

When my family moved in November, DirecTV made the whole process very easy. I know their commercials talk about this all the time, but if you move – there’s no better company to work with than DirecTV. They upgraded all of my boxes for free (including a 100 hr DVR over a 50 hr DVR), threw me a free year of Showtime, and allowed me to keep my old boxes, to do with at my own discretion.

Now, I have DirecTV, the MLB Network, the Big Ten Network, and killer customer service. If you are considering getting Direct TV in Pennsylvania, I would definitely make the switch. It’s definitely been worth while for me.

And to all my buddies that want Direct TV in West Virginia… DO IT! Make the switch today.

Plus, you get the MLB Network. What else do you have to lose?

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