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Jose Canseco Gets Ass Kicked

You have to admit.  Jose Canseco lives an interesting life.This is the dude that Canseco fought last night.

Tuesday night, Canseco fought 7′ 2″ Korean mixed martial arts fighter Hong Man Choi in a fight that lasted just 76 seconds.  I should have placed my bet online on the outcome of this one.

Canseco actually landed the first blow and was fighting strategically, but the size and experience of Choi was just too much for Canseco.  You can watch the Canseco fight here.

Canseco had zero experience in mixed martial arts, unless you consider boxing ex-Golden Gloves champion, Philadelphia Eagle, and now Philadelphia sportscaster Vai Sikahema or former Partridge Family star Danny Bonaduce experience.  Needless to say, Canseco lost to Sikahema by knockout (watch here) and battled Bonaduce to a draw.

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