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CBS Sports Adds Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg, Nationals fantasyBy popular demand, CBSSports has added Stephen Strasburg to its fantasy baseball league even though Strasburg is yet to be drafted.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout began following the San Diego State fireballer last year when he was just a sophomore playing for Tony Gwynn’s Aztecs.  FBD recommended that you draft Strasburg last year and put him on your fantasy baseball league minor league roster.  The only problem was that it wasn’t possible to pick Strasburg on most online systems.

That was until now.  Obviously, many fantasy baseball managers were asking CBS Sports if they were going to make Strasburg eligible.

“We are ready to break from our norms that players eligible for the upcoming June draft are not added to our database until they are at least drafted, if not signed,” said Eric Mack, of  “Stephen Strasburg is a worthy exception.”

The Nationals hope to sign Strasburg, but his agent Scott Boras has indicated Strasburg will carry a heavy price tag–an uprecedented $50 million to sign with Washington.  That might take some time to get a deal done, but you have to figure that the Nationals will want to put some fans in the vacant seats of posh Nationals Park this September.

The Nationals are averaging just 19,409 after their first 13 home games.  That’s down 35% from last season’s attendance at this point.  Only the Pittsburgh Pirates (15,300) and Oakland A’s (18,030) have drawn less than the Nationals.  By getting a deal done with Boras, the Nationals will likely pack its park with curious baseball fans from New York to North Carolina for a Strasburg start this September.

The 20-year old Strasburg is the sure # 1 pick by the Washington Nationals in next month’s draft.  In 97 1/3 innings this season, Strasburg struck out 133 and walked just 16.  He was also 11-0 with a 1.24 ERA against aluminum bats.

Of course, if you don’t hit it, or can’t see it, it doesn’t really matter if its aluminum or wood.

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