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Respect For Set Up Men

Jose Arredondo puts out the fireEverybody knows that saves (or stolen bases) are the most overrated statistic in traditional 5 x 5 fantasy baseball leagues.

It’s about time that somebody gave some respect to those guys who set up the closers and give them a chance to earn a save.  These are the guys who rack up holds.

Take Jose Arredondo of the Angels for instance.  Arredondo had a respectable 16 holds last year, but added 10 wins to that total, including a 1.62 ERA and a 1.05 WHIP.

Last April, Fantasy Baseball Dugout did a story about holds and how they should be a statistic used in fantasy baseball leagues.  We got a great response from our story.  The Sequoia League in Three Rivers, California adopted our suggestion as did the Beemish Beanballer League in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Now, from the Fantasy Baseball Dugout archives, we give you our April, 2008 story on HOLDS.

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