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Check Her For Ticks. Thank ShopWiki For The Chance.

Check her for ticksCamping and hiking are not easy things to do when you live in an Urban Serengetti like Philadelphia or New York City.

That said, you should really get out of town this summer for some travel and outdoor fun. And when you’re looking for a place to find that camping gear, save yourself the frustration of jumping from website to website looking for the best deals – shop at ShopWiki.

What the heck is ShopWiki, you ask? A revolutionary method of online shopping that actively seeks out every store on the internet. Traditional shopping sites like ShopZilla will only show you stores that have paid for placement, but ShopWiki gives a shopper results regardless of advertising.

If a shop is indexed by ShopWiki, you can find anything and everything the store has for sale. And when you’re trying to get all of your camping gear ordered during your 60+ hour workweek, you need the convenience of a site like this to make sure you find the most comfortable tents at the best prices online.

So, the next time you’re trying to shop online, take a look at the ShopWiki.

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