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Supermarket Of Saves: Fantasy Baseball Week 3

Ryan Franklin fantasy baseball closerIn the last seven days, 29 different relief pitchers have logged a save for their team. Do you have the right mix of closers to maximize your save opportunities each week?

We can’t argue with not “paying for saves” during your draft, but one fantasy baseball tip we highly recommend is carrying one more closer than your league minimum (get 3 if your league has 2 RP spots, for example) so you can lock down saves each week in your head-to-head matchups.

We will try to help you make sense of some of the most confusing closer situations each week this season. Below are some of the most crowded closer situations, a list of who has logged a save for these confused teams over the past seven days, and insight on who to add/drop based on each team’s situation.

See below for this week’s tips and insight.

St. Louis Cardinals

  • Most Saves Over The Last Week: Ryan Franklin
    • Pitchers To Watch: Kyle McClellan, Jason Motte, Chris Perez, Dennys Reyes

    Franklin seems to be the man in St. Louis – for now. He was the only Cards reliever to pick up saves in the last week. While he did save 17 games last season, Chris Perez is still our favorite to get the closer job back at some point in the year. McClellan, Motte, and Reyes seem to be on the outside looking in – right now. As long as Tony LaRussa is at the helm, this list is subject to change at the drop of a dime.

Colorado Rockies

  • Most Saves Over The Past Week (tie): Manuel Corpas, Jason Grilli
    • Pitchers To Watch: Corpas, Grilli, Houston Street

Insight: Street officially lost his role as closer to Corpas over the weekend, but the former A’s closer has dropped his ERA from 13.50 on April 15 to a comparatively “awesome” 7.94 after a hold last night in Arizona. Corpas got his first save of the year last night against the Diamondbacks, but seems to be on a short leash as well with an ERA of 5.68. Grilli is a right-handed journeyman who is pitching well (8 K’s in 6.7 innings, 1.35 ERA), but likely got the save for being the hottest pitcher in the Rox pen. Corpas is the man here (for now), but he and Street will likely share the role as the season progresses.

Chicago Cubs

  • Most Saves Over The Past Week: Carlos Marmol
    • Pitchers To Watch: Kevin Gregg

    Despite the fact that the Cubs traded for Gregg to be their closer during the offseason, Gregg hasn’t seen a save opportunity since April 10. Marmol blew an opportunity for a save on the 18th, but his 1.23 ERA and 6 strikeouts in 7.3 innings seems to put him in line for more opportunities than Gregg, who’s ERA is 6.00 despite having 8 strikeouts in 6 innings of work. The majority of fantasy owners seem to prefer Marmol to Gregg at this point in the season, as Carlos is owned in nearly 30% more fantasy leagues than Kevin. It’s too close in Chicago to officially call a changing of the guard, but early indications are that this job now belongs to Marmol.

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