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More Mixed League Fantasy Baseball Draft Results

Grady Sizemore fantasy baseballAt Fantasy Baseball Dugout, we find it much more effective for our readers to review a draft of a normal league as opposed to experts leagues. More often than not, regular fantasy baseball GM’s don’t draft with other “experts,” who reach for prospects earlier, never draft their favorite players, and always draft pitchers much later than you or your buddies would.

One of my college buddies who I’ve been playing a variety of fantasy sports over the past five years had his baseball draft last night. The league is a head-to-head contest consisting of 10-teams with 6 hitter categories (average, runs, homeruns, RBI, steals, walks) and 6 pitcher categories (wins, saves, strikeouts, ERA, WHIP, quality starts).

Starting lineups in my friend’s league include 1 hitter at each infield position, 3 outfielders, 1 utility hitter, 2 starting pitchers, 2 closers, and 3 universal pitchers. There are 6 bench spots and 2 DL spots.

Like my league’s draft that I reviewed last week, this draft also consisted of 21 rounds in a snake format. I had the sixth pick in odd numbered rounds and the fifth pick in even numbered rounds.

Hanley Ramirez once again went as the top pick, followed by Albert Pujols as the top first baseman. David Wright went no. 4 and was the top third baseman. I drafted Grady Sizemore as the first outfielder at no. 6. Ian Kinsler was the first second baseman drafted and dropped off the board at no. 9. Other first rounders included Jose Reyes at no. 3, Miguel Cabrera (5), Josh Hamilton (7), Mark Teixeira (8), and Jimmy Rollins (10).

Other first players picked at their positions included Tim Lincecum as the first pitcher taken at no. 12 overall, Jonathan Papelbon as the first reliever in round four (34), and Russell Martin as the first catcher, also in round four (39).

While I hate to brag on myself, I likely uncovered the biggest steal of this draft, getting Matt Holliday in round six, no. 55 overall. A close second for biggest steal of the draft has to be Bobby Abreu going in round 12, no. 112 overall.

The players I drafted in each round are listed below with overall selection number in parentheses. * – realizing my team is admittedly light at relief pitcher, I have already cut Khalil Greene in favor of Troy Percival.

  1. Ryan Howard fantasy baseballGrady Sizemore (6)
  2. Ryan Howard (15)
  3. Alfonso Soriano (26)
  4. Brandon Phillips (35)
  5. Vladimir Guerrero (46)
  6. Matt Holliday (55)
  7. Joe Mauer (66)
  8. Daisuke Matsuzaka (75)
  9. Chris Davis (86)
  10. Derek Jeter (95)
  11. Joba Chamberlain (106)
  12. Carlos Zambrano (115)
  13. Yovani Gallardo (126)
  14. Adam Wainwright (135)
  15. Josh Johnson (146)
  16. Trevor Hoffman (155)
  17. Chris B. Young (166)
  18. Pablo Sandoval (175)
  19. John Maine (186)
  20. Jered Weaver (195)
  21. Khalil Greene* (206)
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