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Daily Head To Head Fantasy Baseball. For Money.

According to a recent article published by Forbes, the average fantasy baseball player spends an average of almost $500 per year on fantasy sports games.

Many people who spend that cash rarely see their money return to their pockets, and I’m assuming that most of that investment is buried into fantasy baseball’s more popular brother – fantasy football. Casual fantasy players typically prefer NFL to MLB because football doesn’t require daily attention. As we say in our 50 league winning tips, “it’s a long season and a lot of players will drop out.”

Would more people play fantasy baseball for money if a site offered daily drafts and contests? That’s the hope of the two guys behind PaperSports, one of the most unique fantasy baseball games we’ve come across this season and the highest recommended game for our readers who suffer from chronic ADD.

fantasy baseball for moneyAt PaperSports, fantasy baseball tournaments are played on a day-to-day basis in small league sizes. Head to head fantasy baseball is available for those looking for a one-on-one contest. Four man, six man, and ten man contests are also available.

When you draft your roster in PaperSports’ game, you pick your team for one day’s worth of matchups. Chris Carpenter fans will love this! PaperSports rosters include 1 hitter at each infield position, 3 outfielders, and 3 starting pitchers. Closers not necessary.

Scoring categories include 5 for hitters and 4 for pitchers. Here’s how the points breakdown when you play fantasy baseball at PaperSports:

  • play fantasy baseballHits = .5 points
  • Runs = 2 points
  • Homeruns = 4
  • RBI = 2
  • Steals = 2
  • Innings pitched = 1
  • Earned runs = -.5
  • K’s = 2
  • Wins = 5

Pitchers don’t get hitting stats, but wouldn’t that be cool for all you NL-only geeks? The team with the most points at the end of your tournament, of course, WINS!

Is PaperSports A Gambling Site?
While they do payout cash prizes and require a deposit from the player in order to win – NO, PaperSports is not a gambling site. They’re USA-based, accept major credit cards and PayPal. Prize money is typically deposited into your account immediately and can be withdrawn anytime via credit card or PayPal. These guys even kick it old school and will snail mail you a check if you want.

Even better for all you fantasy baseball hustlers out there – there is no limit on the number of cash prizes PaperSports pays out.

Right now, PaperSports is welcoming the fantasy baseball community to try out their game with a FREE $5.00 to get started.

I signed up over the weekend and am waiting for some competition. Four man tournaments kick off on Opening Day and I fully expect to win my first – and take my competition for $12.50!

To learn more about PaperSports, follow them on Twitter – @papersports.

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