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Early Reviews Of MLB 2K9 And MLB 09: The Show

Dustin Pedroia baseball video gamesIn terms of baseball video games, the Twitter universe was on fire yesterday thanks to the release of MLB 2K9 and MLB 09: The Show.

Here are some of the best links we could find to reviews of both games, now available at your local Circuit City nearest video game retailer.

Early reviews seem to be absolutely glowing for The Show – ESPN’s Jon Robinson went as far as calling it “the best baseball game he’s ever played… period.”

Reviews were more mixed for 2K9.

Tim Lincecum baseball video gamesMLB 2K9 Reviews:

MLB 09: The Show Reviews:

A couple of Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s buddies who have better access to video game systems will be dropping by next week with exclusive and extensive reviews of both games – so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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