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ESPN Fantasy Baseball 2009

Last year it was hard to argue against ESPN’s fantasy baseball games as being the best on the market for FREE. And it doesn’t look like they’ve changed much for this year. Their fantasy games are still very customizable, which is a lot of fun for seasoned fantasy baseball vets.

Like last year, the sexiest thing about playing fantasy baseball on is the free live scoring feature. This is something that Yahoo! and CBS Sportsline still charge for, and I’m pretty sure no other fantasy baseball website does this without cost involved.

The Basics:

  • League Sizes: Up to 20 players (Custom Leagues) or only 10 (ESPN Standard Leagues)
  • Game Format Options: Roto, Points Based, Head to Head: Points, Each Category, Most Categories
  • Playoffs: Customizable
  • Roster Freeze: Customizable

What’s Different In 2009? Unlike last year where every game ESPN offered was free, there is now a Prize Eligible contest where everything is standardized and all trades are subject to ESPN approval. Also new in 2009 is the introduction of Auction Drafts and the carryover of Mock Draft Lobbies from their fantasy football games. I don’t remember either of these being available last year.

If you choose to run a custom league on ESPN, you can now set your league up with Keeper Options, the biggest upgrade most fantasy baseball websites offer this year. If you like to receive your fantasy baseball information via podcast, there is also a FREE FantasyCast at ESPN this year.

We hope you still like getting your information from blogs, though.

Why Should You Play Fantasy Baseball Here? It’s hard to argue against playing fantasy baseball at Live scoring. Keeper league availability. Mock drafts. ALL FOR FREE.

While some competition exists for ESPN in terms of the expert fantasy baseball analysis they provide, the features you get for the price you pay are second to none. In terms of playing fantasy baseball for FREE, its hard to beat the services offered by ESPN.

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