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Places To Play Fantasy Baseball: Fantasy Baseball 2009While they aren’t calling it “MLB Open” like they did last year, is once again offering free head-to-head fantasy baseball leagues with a $10,000 grand prize in 2009.

2009 fantasy baseball on is pretty straight forward:

  • League Sizes: 8-team, 10-team, 12-team
  • Game Format Options: Head-To-Head Points
  • Playoffs: Top 4 Teams / 2 Weeks
  • Multi-Position Eligibility: 10-game Minimum in 2008 or 2009
  • Roster Freeze: 5 Minutes Before Monday’s Games

What’s Different In 2009? Pitcher scoring.’s fantasy baseball game is different than most sites that offer free fantasy baseball. Instead of selecting individual pitchers, MLB gives you an entire team’s pitching staff (just like defense/special teams in fantasy football). While this is no different from last season, they have changed the scoring format for pitching staffs in 2009.

Each win your staff picks up is worth 3 points, and the rest of the categories are all counting stats – strikeouts, earned runs allowed, and hits and walks allowed. Strikeout points are awarded on an ascending scale (the more you get, the more points you get). Earned runs and hits/walks points are awarded on a descending scale (the less you give up, the more points you get).

Why Should You Play Fantasy Baseball Here? If you’re a virgin fantasy baseball player or just a casual player, there might not be a better place to play than While the game they offer isn’t very customizable, MLB makes the entire pre-season process VERY easy.

  • Live drafts are shorter because you don’t have to draft individual pitchers
  • There is a “Simple Draft” option where commissioners are literally assigned a team
  • Your season can be as short as 8 weeks

The only negative thing about’s game is the required list of “undroppable” players, something I completely avoid in all fantasy leagues. Regardless of who the player is, if get injured early in the year and miss a significant chunk of the season, you should be able to cut ties and move on. After all, this is FANTASY baseball, not the real thing.

Rotoheads and keeper leaguers need not register to play at But if you’re looking to play fantasy baseball for the first time or just want an accessory fantasy game to make the regular season worth following, 2009 fantasy baseball at would be a great choice for you to play.

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