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Fantasy Baseball Tweets 1-15: Pujols V. A-Rod 2009

  • @fakebaseball u get the same power numbers (basically) and a better batting avg from pujols

Albert Pujols fantasy baseballOne of the great debates among fantasy baseball owners every year is who should go no. 1 overall? In 2009, Fantasy Baseball Dugout recommends drafting Albert Pujols with the top pick in mixed league drafts.

So why are we picking Pujols over A-Rod or a couple other players this year? Because of his consistency year over year, his ability to contribute considerably to four of the standard 5×5 categories, and his MVP-caliber season last in 2008.

Did you forget how ridiculously awesome Pujols was last season? Here are his 5×5 numbers:

  • .357 average / 37 homeruns / 116 RBI / 100 runs / 7 steals

The first base position is filled with sluggers who can contribute power numbers, but Pujols’ batting average year after year is what makes him so elite. Pujols should be considered even more valuable in leagues where walks are counted. He has received more free passes than A-Rod every year since 2005, and picked up 104 in 2008.

Alex Rodriguez fantasy baseballA-Rod was great in 2008, and our our no. 1 player in fantasy baseball heading into last season. He finished 2008 with the following 5×5 stat line:

  • .302 / 35 / 103 / 104 / 18

The batting average discrepency is the major reason we’re calling Pujols the top player over A-Rod in 2009. Pujols’ career average is .334. A-Rod’s career average – .302.

FakeBaseball’s biggest reason for taking A-Rod over Pujols…

  • @jonathanbentz but the 15-20 SB Arod brings to the table is a nice addition to your fantasy baseball team as well, no?

While its hard to argue with FakeBaseball, I ask which category is easier to draft in later rounds? Steals? Or a player who’s batting average will likely finish around .320?

Because I believe its easier to get steals late in the draft, I’m taking Pujols over A-Rod in 2009.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know. Drop a line below.

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