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MLB Network Debuts

Hazel Mae, MLB NetworkJanuary 1, at 6 PM, marks the debut of the much anticipated MLB Network.

The MLB Network will begin its broadcast coverage with “Hot Stove Live.” At 10:30, the first game ever seen on MLB Network will be Game 5 of the 1956 World Series between the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers–a legendary game noted for Don Larsen’s perfect game.

Fantasy baseball managers will have even more information at their finger tips with the new all-baseball network. MLB Network’s 24 hour per day coverage will provide the fantasy baseball afficianado with even more information and probably put a strain on a few marriages as well.

MLB Network features an all-star cast of announcers with great baseball knowledge and an equally great sense of humor. There’s Harold Reynolds, Al Leiter, Joe Magrane, Dan Plesac, Barry Larkin, and Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams.

Trenni Kusnierek, MLB Network hottieThere’s also some names that you might not be familiar with–at least on a national level. MLB Network won’t disappoint with hot female sportscasters, as it features Trenni Kusnierek from Wisconsin Fox Sports Net and Hazel Mae from New England Sports Network.

The home of MLB Network is Seacaucus, New Jersey–the original home of the really cheap clothing outlets. Built in an old warehouse, the MLB Network sports Studio 42 — a 10,000 square foot miniature baseball stadium, named for Jackie Robinson, that can seat 173 fans. It’s been called “The World’s Greatest Wiffle Ball Stadium.”

There’s also Studio 3 (named after the Babe of course) where we will now watch MLB Tonight to catch up on all your favorite fantasy baseball player stats. MLB Network will show only 26 live games in 2009, but that number will surely grow in the coming years.

Be sure to change your favorite college football bowl game and tune in to watch baseball history made on New Year’s Day.

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