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Fielding Range Ratings

Jack Wilson, Pittsburgh PiratesFielding range has a lot to do with real baseball, but little, if anything, to do with most fantasy baseball leagues. Nevertheless, if you ever played Strat-O-Matic, you know how important those range ratings can be. And, it’s always interesting to check them out.

It used to be that a “1” rating at shortstop was a near impossibility. The Pittsburgh Pirates’ shortstop Jack Wilson, however, is a very deserving 1 ranked shortstop by Strat-O-Matic.

It was believed that Wilson was on his way to the Tigers prior to the winter meetings in Vegas, but Detroit apparently got spooked by the Pirates’ asking price for Wilson and signed Houston’s Adam Everett instead.

The Dodgers were also interested in Wilson, but managed to re-sign Rafael Furcal, apparently forgiving him for his three errors in one inning in the NLCS. Moreover, LA somehow managed to strike a deal for Furcal with controversial agent Scott Boras–a deal that did not make the Atlanta Braves very happy with Boras.

After months of winter talks, the Pirates appear to have no suitors for Wilson and his $7.25 million contract at the moment. Wilson acknowledges that he’ll likely be back as the starting shortstop in 2009.

“I wish we could go out and get some more players to make our team competitive,” said Wilson. “Now that this whole trade thing has blown over, that’s going to be my new focus on the internet. Instead of looking for my name and where I might go, hopefully we might get some players. Because we need them.”

Wilson spent his first stint on the disabled list in 2008. Wilson was .272/1/22/2 in 2008 in just 87 games played. He hit .333 at home, but just .208 on the road. He was .296/12/56/2 in 2007 and was an all-star in 2004.

Here are the Major League Baseball 2008 Strat-O-Matic range ratings.

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