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Free Agent Signings… And A Bit Of Backgammon

I play fantasy sports year round, but that doesn’t mean I don’t switch up the games I play online every now and then.

I’m not much for gambling on fantasy baseball draft picks, but there’s this cool site I stumbled across between games of fantasy sports and online poker that offers a great online backgammon software called BGprime (they also have another free online backgammon software site called BGroom). The low dollar amounts required to get started on “prime” – a FREE $5 with no down deposit – feel a lot safer than paying a guy like A.J. Burnett the obscene amount of money the Yankees shelled out for him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not addicted to backgammon like I am fantasy sports, but it’s definitely a nice change. There are online backgammon game guides sites where I was able to learn the history of the game – apparently it can be traced back to ancient Egypt, or about the time Jamie Moyer made his Major League debut. I’m not sure which time period actually came first.

Anyway, my favorite part of playing backgammon is winning, and who doesn’t love winning? Money is an inspiring prize, and C.C. Sabathia must be feeling like a winner after inking that contract with the Yankees. I also heard Mark Teixeira has signed with the Red Sox… that’s gotta feel pretty comparable to winning a backgammon tournament.

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