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Free Gift Card for DTV Converter

If you play fantasy baseball, you probably love watching your team members play on television. I mean, what else could baseball on TVpossibly make you want to watch the Orioles play?

By government decree, February 17 is the final date that television stations in the United States are permitted to broadcast a non-digital signal. That may mean that your television, if it was made prior to 2003, and you receive television signals over the air, may need a digital converter.

If you subscribe to cable or satellite television, you will not need a digital converter box. Don’t feel badly if you still receive a television signal through rabbit ears or from a rooftop antenna–you’re one of 21 million American households that do.

Uncle Sam isn’t only bailing out the banks and auto manufacturers, its also bailing out those of you who will need digital converters for your television sets.

Click here to obtain a $40 gift card from the US Government that will go toward the purchase of a digital converter.

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