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Nick Swisher: NOT Dating Danielle Gamba

Nick Swisher Catherine EpsteinNow that Nick Swisher has joined the New York Yankees, the city must be buzzing about his “relationship” with Danielle Gamba.

Thanks to a hott tip from “Trish” on August 25, we learned that Swish NEVER dated Danielle. So, your friends at Fantasy Baseball Dugout want to clear the air – Nick Swisher is NOT, and has NOT ever dated that woman, Miss Gamba.

Catherine EpsteinFor the last year or more, Swisher has been dating Catherine Epstein Pangiotopoulos (pronounced PAN-gee-I-have-no-idea), a former model who lives in Chicago. We can’t confirm it, but we heard she owns a modeling agency? Anyone know for sure if that is true?

If you check out Catherine’s MySpace page, she and Swish pose for numerous pictures. We’re guessing they are together – for real! My personal favorite on her MySpace page is to the right.

Will she be making the trip to New York now that he plays for the Yankees? She’s a Beantown native, but we’re guessing she will quickly become a Yankees fans.

Stay tuned.

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