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Fantasy Baseball Dugout Endorses Barack Obama

Obama's favorite team is the White SoxToday, Barack Obama accepted the official endorsement of Fantasy Baseball Dugout for president of the United States.

While we’re not certain that Senator Obama plays fantasy baseball, we are aware that Obama does play fantasy football.

We also know that he is a Chicago White Sox fan, but after the Sox were eliminated, Obama officially endorsed the Philadelphia Phillies while on the campaign trail.

Senator Obama’s basketball ability is well known, and its obvious from his trim physique that he stays in shape by playing hoops. His brother-in-law is Craig Robinson, basketball coach at Brown University. Tapes we’ve seen of Obama playing hoops show his expertise in passing and make the other players around him better. That’s got to help as president too.

This endorsement was not an easy one for FBD as Senator McCain is also a huge sports fan. In fact, McCain is said to have told his interrogators in Vietnam that his squad mates were the offensive linemen for the Green Bay Packers. In addition, Sarah (Heath) Palin was a former sportscaster at KTUU in Anchorage.

“We think Senator Obama will be good for fantasy baseball,” said BallparkBob. “He doesn’t have the background that President Bush had when it came to baseball, but turning this economy around has to be priority one. If things don’t improve by next spring, there will be a lot of fantasy baseball players dropping their teams because they won’t be able to afford the league fees.”

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