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Philadelphia — The Philadelphia Phillies broke 28 years of baseball futility and 99 seasons for the four major sports teams in Philadelphia by winning the World Series last night 4-3 over the determined Tampa Bay Rays in a game that lasted a little over 49 hours thanks to the brilliant Bud Selig.

In a series that most of the country didn’t have a whole lot of interest in, most fans got to see the World Series champs crowned at a more reasonable ending time around 10:00 pm EST. That’s because the game was only 3 innings long. Maybe Bud Selig is brilliant after all. Marginal fans only have about 3 innings of patience with baseball anyway. Maybe baseball has something here!

The celebration in Philadelphia last night was beyond belief. After leaving Citizen’s Bank Park, I traveled north thinking it would be cool to go back to my home in the western suburbs via center city. What I didn’t plan on was the mass of humanity that covered Broad Street and essentially eliminated any chance of getting home via downtown Philadelphia. After 90 minutes of mostly walking around the car and high-fiving fans of all ages, sexes, income levels, and nationalities, the police came and dispersed the traffic to the east as by now there were hundreds of thousands of fans covering several sections of the city.

This baseball team brought the Philadelphia community together like nothing in my lifetime has. Anybody who thinks sports is not important should ask themselves: when was the last time you saw a black man hugging a white man? There is much derision in the country right now with the upcoming election and the sad state of the economy and two lagging wars. Last night, the fifth largest metropolitan area in the USA was united as one.

There’s a parade here on Friday at noon. Tickets to the end of parade celebrations at both Citizen’s Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field sold out today in less than 15 minutes. That’s 115,000 people who will be in the adjacent parks waiting for their heros to arrive.

If you do business with a Philadelphia company, don’t plan on having much assistance on Friday. We’ll have other things to do.


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