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Bud’s Blunder

Bud Selig, distinguished Commissioner of BaseballDear Bud:

If Game 5 was going to be completed regardless of the current status of the game, why didn’t you announce that before the game? Tell the Philly fans. Tell Tim McCarver. At the very least, tell Fantasy Baseball Dugout!

The fact is that a baseball game should be played to completion. The fact that you can end a major league baseball game, especially a World Series game, prior to its completion is ludicrous. Nobody denies this. But, don’t make up the rules as you go. The rules have worked for 125 years! Most important, if you are going to make a major change to the rules that have existed for 125 years, let us know! If you do that, this letter is not necessary.

Where were you in the top of the sixth, Bud? Did you not see Jimmy Rollins miss a popup in the fifth because of water in his eyes and 30 MPH winds? If you’ve watched this guy play shortstop at all, you know he makes that play up the middle in the sixth 99% of the time, but not in this monsoon. If the game was going to be played to its conclusion anyway, why play the top of the sixth?

Joe Maddon said that he’d played in worse conditions before…in the Texas League. This was a World Series, Bud, not the Texas League.

This game should not have been played in the top of the sixth. A moron could have seen that, Bud.Phillies fans

How convenient for Bud Selig that the Rays scored.

I’m surprised the game won’t be continued in Milwaukee.


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