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Joe The Pitcher

JOE THE PITCHERMost of you know that BallparkBob is a huge Phillies’ fan and, although he tries to be impartial when it comes to writing about fantasy baseball, today, he just can’t help himself.

BallparkBob made national news last night at Citizen’s Bank Park with a sign that was extremely creative–even by Ballpark’s standards.

“Joe the Pitcher” was the sign that was shown on FOX and boy has it caught on today.

According to Google, there are 1630 articles on the internet today using the phrase Joe The Pitcher. Some big time writers like Ray Ratto of the San Francisco Chronicle gave no props to sign carrying Ray Ratto, SF Chroniclefan BallparkBob, but others like the less experienced writers from PhillyBurbs did. New York Times — props, of course. Atlanta Journal-Constitution — no plagiarism here, Ray.

Dubbed “Joe the Pitcher” by a sign-carrying fan, Blanton did more than punch a timecard in his World Series debut with an <sic> performance that should earn him hero status for a lifetime. – 10/27/08

From the department of “Stay Classy, Philadelphia”: We’ve got another creative sign in the stands here cheering on Joe Blanton. It just reads: “Joe the Pitcher” (with a Phillies-style P). Incidentally, very few chants of “E-va!” when Longoria came to the plate. Maybe that’s because he wasn’t there very long. He struck out on four pitches. — New York Times, 10/27/08

Here in the swing state of Penn., with Blanton pitching for the Phillies, I just saw a fan holding up the inevitable sign: “Joe the Pitcher” — Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/27/08 (PS–FBD supports Obama.)

PhillyBurbs writers, toiling for wages just barely above the Mendoza line, give recognition (even if they don’t know how to use “a” and “an” properly) and you big time Bay Area media guys just steal some local fan’s creative with no props!

Come on Ray. You’re better than that!

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