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Bartlett Steals Taco for 301,139,947 Americans

Jason Bartlett & Kelly Chevez will be married on November 15.  No word on whether tacos will be served at the wedding reception.When Jason Bartlett stole second in the fifth inning of game one of the World Series last night, he earned a free taco for everybody in America.

Not only did Bartlett earn a free taco for 300 million plus Americans, but he also earned himself a PR job with Taco Bell. Bartlett, Tampa’s MVP this season, will also appear in an upcoming Taco Bell advertisement to promote the “free taco for America” giveaway.

Last year, Jacoby Ellsbury’s stolen base in game two earned free tacos for America.

Unfortunately, Taco Bell president Greg Creed, who looked like he ate at his restaurants every day, got the date of the promotion wrong during his in-game interview on Fox.

The official date of the free taco for America giveaway is Tuesday, October 28. And, oh yeah, you have to be there between 2 and 6 pm.

E. Coli not included.

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