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To Make Up For The Game 1 Loss Prediction

Dear Phillies fans,
Sorry I said you were going to lose tonight in the World Series. To make it up to you, I figured I’d post this hott pic of your ballgirl team.

I don’t think they’re allowed to be married to any Phillies player, but they sure would make a hott wife for any of the rest of us.

BatBoy BeeZee

UPDATED 10/23 1:00 PM EST. I received a comment below from “Guess,” who in real life is Debbie, the girl in the middle of the bottom row of the first picture. Apparently, the photo I originally posted was of the 2007 team. It’s still below in the post, but she sent me some 2008 photos to publish.

Not sure if these pics are published anywhere on the web, so we are very fortunate for finding our new friend Debbie.

Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirls 2008

More photos of the 2008 Phillies Ballgirls:
Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Cheerleaders

Philadelphia Phillies Cheerleaders

Philadelphia Baseball Ballgirls

Philadelphia Phillies 2008 Ballgirls

Photo I originally posted of the 2007 teamPhiladelphia Phillies Ballgirls

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