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Playboy Flashback

Laura Cover with Kelly MonacoTen years ago this month, Laura Cover, wife of Washington Nationals’ first baseman Aaron Boone, was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month.

The 35-year-old Boone (Aaron) hit .241 with six homers and 28 RBI this year for the Nationals.  Hardly the production worthy of consideration for a fantasy team except in the very deepest of leagues.

Playboy acknowledges Laura’s tenth anniversary in its October 2008 issue on page 123 in Playmate News.  At the time, Cover told Playboy that her goal was to “marry the man of my dreams and have lots of babies.”  She also said in her profile that she was a sucker for “banana milk shakes, Weather’s candies, and puppy dogs.”  Yes, “puppy dogs.”  She wed Boone in November, 2002 and they have one son.

Read on in the Playboy article and you’ll see that Fantasy Baseball Dugout was (kind of) mentioned:

“Several blogs have put her on their fantasy (baseball players’ wives) team.”

Come one, Hef, you know you’re talking about Fantasy Baseball Dugout here.  We’ve made “baseball players’ wives” what it is today.  Give us some ink, buddy.  I’m a long-time magazine subscriber and yes, I do get Playboy Channel too (it’s not cheap).

No wonder your girls next door left you.

BallparkBob has been a long time subscriber to Playboy and this post proves that he does actually read the articles.

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