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Do We Underestimate The Rockies Fantasy Value?

Chris IannettaWe released version 1.0 of our 2009 fantasy baseball infielder rankings on Friday. Did you have a chance to look them over?

We got a comment about our lack of appreciation for players on the Pittsburgh Pirates – but doesn’t every fantasy baseball player carry a lack of appreciation for most Pirate players?

Troy TulowitzkiSome good commentary did come in about two Colorado Rockies players. We are fascinated by hitters on the Rockies because they play 81 games a year in Coors Field. That always presents an opportunity for a sleeper on the Rox to get hot and put up great numbers for fantasy baseball.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout reader Rob Marx dropped us a line defending a better ranking for two Rockies players – catcher Chris Iannetta and shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. Did we drop the ball on these guys?

Here’s Rob’s comments:

I agree with MOST of your rankings, with two exceptions:

I am very surprised to see Chris Iannetta so far down on your list. He had 18 HRs in just 333 ABs with decent Rs and RBIs. I know you probably can’t respond to this because I’m sure you get hundreds of emails a day, but I hope you read this and at least consider moving Iannetta up.

Did Tulo’s stock really drop that low? He was injured all year, and was nasty once he got back from the DL (the second time). He’s going to easily be a Top 5 SS for the next few years, along with HanRam, Reyes, Rollins, and Drew.

Have you checked out our rankings? Should we shuffle Tulo and Iannetta in our next edition of infielder rankings? Drop us a line – webmaster [at] fantasybaseballdugout [dot] com or leave a message in the comments below if you have an opinion.

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