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Schilling a Gamble for 2009

Curt Schilling will likely have to spend some time at Pawtucket if he hopes to wear a Red Sox uniform again.Curt Schilling, husband of Baseball’s Hottest Wives nominee Shondra Schilling, may be calling it quits.

Schilling, 41, isn’t sure if he has another season left in him or not. Schilling told The Sporting News that he “won’t come back for a full season, that much I know. If I do decide to come back, I would work to the point I was ready and somewhere around May 1, let the teams know I wanted to pitch the second half.”

Fantasy Baseball Dugout Tips: We don’t think we’ve seen the last of Schill. He’s too great of a competitor not to go out on his own terms and this past season was very frustrating for him. Expect him to be back in uniform by mid-season, but it’s probably not necessary to draft him during your pre-season draft.

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