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Play Fantasy Baseball On Your Playstation

Billy Beane2K Sports announced today that they will be releasing a fantasy baseball-style game for the XBox 360, Playstation 3, and PC this winter – MLB Front Office Manager.

I’m one of the few gamers on earth that doesn’t have a next-gen gaming system yet, so hopefully they release this game on PS2… yeah, I’m old school like that.

Front Office Manager sounds like it will be very similar to EA Sports’ NFL Head Coach – manage the game without having to actually play the game. Think “Dynasty Mode” in your current MLB game without having the option of simulating or playing a baseball game.

According to stats mentioned in the 2K Sports press release, 3.5 million peeps play fantasy baseball. But will you want to play a simulated fantasy baseball?

Some more info about the game:

MLB Front Office Manager lets gamers do everything a real-life baseball GM can do to develop a team from Spring Training through a full MLB season, into the playoffs and the World Series. Gamers can replace aging veterans with rookies, scout the Minor Leagues, make blockbuster trades, and even participate in bidding wars for posted players from Japan as they make their way to the Hall of Fame.

Billy Beane steps in as a voice of advice in the game. I’m still waiting for the right time to pick up my copy of Moneyball and read it. If I buy this game and play it long enough, maybe I won’t have to actually read the book.

For more info on Front Office Manager, check out IGN.

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