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Vote for Hottest Wife in Baseball

Vote here by text message for Baseball’s Hottest Wife Contest sponsored by Fantasy Baseball Dugout.Lisa Dergan Podsednik, 38, speaks Japanese, is an avid golfer, and is third in the Hottest Wives in Baseball Contest.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s Hottest Wives in Baseball Contest is now entering the home stretch with model Heidi Miller DeRosa stretching her lead.

In the last update on the voting, DeRosa held 30% of the vote, but the wife of Chicago Cubs’ Mark DeRosa has upped her lead to 35% of the overall vote. This is due in part to a rush of votes from the 312 area code of Chicago and a mention of the contest on the Chicago Cubs’ MLB blog. We all know how passionate Cubs fans are and one Chicago admirer has recorded over 100 votes through the text message voting system.

Lisa Dergan Podsednik, due in part to an enhanced photo placed on the site, has made the biggest run of the Hottest Wives in Baseball contestants. While husband Scott became a part time player in Colorado with little fantasy value beyond his 12 steals, Lisa, a 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Month, moved up the charts from 6% to 13% of the overall vote to date. Podsednik is now in third place, just behind hottie Jamie Kotsay who has 16% of the vote.

  1. Heidi DeRosa 35%

  2. Jamie Kotsay 16%

  3. Lisa Podsednik 13%

  4. Laura Posada 10%

  5. Alicia Piazza 9%

  6. Ashley Eckstein 5%

  7. Laura Boone 4%

  8. Anna Benson 3%

  9. Alejandra Tejada 3%

  10. Michelle Damon 3%

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