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You Voted For A Hott Wife. Why Not For President?

Hey everyone. We’ve been really busy behind the scenes lately getting all prettied up here at Fantasy Baseball Dugout. We know many of you are already looking for some tips and tricks for fantasy baseball 2009, and we appreciate you bearing with us.

To everyone out there who has voted lately for 2008’s Hottest Wife in Baseball – we want to thank you! Seriously. Have you registered to vote in that OTHER election yet? You know, the one on November 4!

I hope you realize that tomorrow, October 4, is the last day to get registered in some states. In other states it’s Monday, October 6.

Ballpark Bob is registered… BatBoy BeeZee is registered… ARE YOU?

Check out this video, and share it today with 5 friends. We’d love if you shared our site with 5 friends, too… but we understand if you don’t.

Spread the word that NOW is the time to get registered. Thanks. Have a great weekend!

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